TASK: This was an extremely large scale project - in which JLT wanted to create a site to act as an information hub to their users, looking to know more about their policy, and potential insurance claims. 

I was initially given a 120 page document of information that needed to be featured on the site. This information needed to be organised into categories that could be understood by the website users.

Another large factor of this project was to create a member log in. We wanted this information to only be available to JLT clients, however still have enough to engage non-member users; enticing them to become a client.

RESEARCH: First things first: I had to organise these pages of information into sub-sections that people would know to look for the information. I created questions, that were commonly asked from JLT customers, and then assorted the information to these questions. But there was still 31 questions, ranging from a wide variety of topics (claims, policies, wage declarations, premiums, etc).

Where would our customers look for this information?

What would be the quickest way for them to find the information that they needed, avoiding information that would be excessive.

RESEARCH: I tested 12 people to organise these 31 questions into groups, and then title the groups. I noticed that whilst many of the group names were similar/the same across the board, I did notice that there seemed to be 2 main ways people processed everything.

1) Everything was listed chronologically in how they would want information to be displayed. EG; knowing their policy, having a claim lodged against them, knowing their employer rights, and then when their worker has to come back to work.

2) The other way was that people would list the information in categories. EG; claim info, policy info, return to work info, etc.

The final decision was to include both. Whilst some information would be displayed twice, ultimately it seemed better to include information for those who are the process of a workers rights claim being made, and then standard policy information that is consistent all year round. I called these 'Policy Information' and 'Claims Process' and placed these 2 categories in a page I called the 'Employer Handbook'.

SKETCH + PROTOTYPE: I mocked up several designs around 

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