Providing clear pathways through a site like this is fundamental for achieving direct site-based sales. Insurance can be a confusing subject, especially to a market that doesn't deal with insurance-industry terminology regularly. I examined the principles of interface design to see how I could make this site the most user friendly.


JLT has very strict visual guidelines, which whilst may seem restricting at times, really make for a much more unified final product. I set the bulk of the information into 3 columns, because it's not an overwhelming in-take of categories, but enough to clearly see what is needed. Likewise with the pricing. Three clear columns makes comparison easy for the user.

On the home-page I placed the 'quick buy' categories more towards the top. This is to appear more important and quicker drive customers to check-out.


I separated the visual cues between the 'quick-buy' and the 'longer purchase process' (as not to confuse the two). Albeit the two sections on the home-page ultimately lead to the same outcome, I used iconography for the fast rout to the checkout. A more simplistic visual cue implies the user may already know what they are after - VS - using photography to help users in their decision.

TASK: To create a website where customers could purchase immediate insurance for their entertainment business. Allow for quick assessment of insurance types, and an easy process of registration. All insurance policy information to be presented in a digestible format and made completely accessible. 

SOLUTION: Layout insurance packages so they can be directly compared in price and features. Hide the bulk of policy information under labels that is understandable by the intended audience. Generate an easy process of registration and purchase of insurance package.


All visual mock-ups were created using Adobe Photoshop and are still pending feedback. This case-study was to examine my visual process for the task at hand, not to comment on the final solution. All designs were in-line with company branding.

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